The voices of the villagers of Nyongara in Kikuyu District of Kiambu County crying for help! Since 1998 they have had to endure the painful results of a deadly sewage spill from the Kikuyu Campus of Nairobi University. It is clear that the Campus Sewage system is overloaded, washing into Kanyiriri springs, the source of River Nyongara that later joins Nairobi River.  Who will come to the rescue of this community? ACADEMIC SHAME: Community endures deadly sewage spill Millennium Community Development Initiatives (MCDI) P.O. Box 4828-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254-020-2643606 Mob: +254-726-145-661 Email: Website: Channels
This website is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Maxwell Kinyanjui A great practical environmentalist