This video provides the before scenarios for this MCDI-CDTF project and in the words of the MCDI Chairman during the launch of the project;  “We grew up in this area. When we were young we played at Ondiri Swamp and swam in Nyongara River and Gitwe kia Mbagathi Springs. We used to draw our water from the Kanyiriri Spring along Nyongara and also from Gitwe. We have seen the places change as time went by. Before, the Forests in the area were thick and full of wildlife, such as buffaloes, lions and gazelles. But now these animals are not found in our forests anymore because of the encroachment and widespread cutting of trees. The rivers are now very polluted making their water unsafe to drink. We now farm right next to the rivers. The problem of unsafe water has particularly affected people of Karinde Village, where they have suffered the effects of too much fluoride in their drinking water for many years. We are grateful for support from the European Union and Danida through CDTF so that they can access safe water from the Thogoto Forest. Today is a joyous occasion because we are launching this project and we look forward to seeing a day when our children will not suffer from these problems.” The Ondiri Swamp and Associated Water Systems Livelihood and Conservation Project Millennium Community Development Initiatives (MCDI) P.O. Box 4828-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254-020-2643606 Mob: +254-726-145-661 Email: Website: Channels
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